Get creative with

solar energy lighting

It is our passion to come up with solar energy solutions in places where electricity is difficult to access. In general, these are lighting solutions, but we are also happy to think along with you for other challenges.


Looking for lighting for a construction sign in the countryside? Or connect a lamp in the corner of the terrace to electricity, without having to dig? Illuminating a column without a government permit and without excavation work? We are happy to help you. With our many years of experience and our team of specialists, we have the solution available.


In addition to custom solutions, we also develop products in-house.

  • Visible through smart energy

Solar Spotlight

The Solar Spotlight has been developed for a wide range of applications in events, signage and catering.


Some examples: terrain lighting at parking facilities, billboards or construction signs in remote places or in densely populated areas where a safe solution is desired.


Without cables you don't have to worry and it is actually plug-and-play. The systems are equipped with an integrated battery that can be expanded as required. This also applies to the solar panel.


The system comes with a remote control.

  • Visible and safe

  • Visible through durability

At Solar Customs we believe in the power of visibility through the use of smart energy


The advantages of patio lighting based on solar energy have been optimally utilized with the Parasolar. The Parasolar is a lighting powered by solar energy. With the internal battery that is filled during the day, the Parasolar supplies enough power in the evening to immerse the terrace in a warm glow.


No hassle with charging light strips or disconnecting wiring, but enjoy optimal ease of use with the included remote control. In addition, the lighting can be set to three different light levels.


The Parasolar is hung in the parasol in no time. You no longer have to take it away, even when folding the parasol in and out, it stays neatly in position.


This year we are running a pilot on a number of catering terraces. Do you want to join? Please contact us.


  • Charged by the sun

  • Hangs on opening and closing

  • Plug & play

  • No cables across the terrace

  • Incl. remote control

At Solar Customs we believe in the power of visibility through the use of smart energy


Flagpole Light

Een samenwerking met Holland Mast BV

Where Focus goes, energy flows.


The Focus was developed in collaboration with Holland Mast. The Focus is a stand-alone flagpole lighting for temporary locations, such as events and festivals.


The Focus ensures that your flag or banner is in the spotlight 24 hours a day. With the accompanying unique ballast construction, sleek white or black conical masts up to 8 meters can stand up to Beaufort 8.


  • Mobile masts up to 8 meters

  • Internal lighting in the base

  • Completely stand-alone

The benefits of working

with solar energy

High in quality, reliable in use, great convenience as a result.

Sustainable products for a future-oriented solution.

Electricity in places where that seemed to be difficult before.

More exposure by adding renewable energy
in the field of view.

A tailor-made solution that meets your needs