About Solar Customs

What we do

We develop, make and sell custom solutions, but we also develop our own products. We do this together with a team of partners, because together we get the most done.


In addition to customization, we currently offer three of our own products. The Parasolar is very suitable for the catering industry, the Focus flagpole lighting for events and the Solar Spotlight for construction signs and advertising signs.


Do you have an interesting challenge that we can shed our light on?

Our promise

1. Visible through durability

- The lighting has the lowest possible CO2 footprint

- The lighting uses LED spots.


2. Visible through smart energy and technology

- We can make your company or message visible 365 days a year.

- The system works automatically with a sensor and a timer

- We guarantee 365 days a year, 24/7 lighting, if desired.


3. Visible through safety (for the environment)

- The lighting goes out at a preset time

- The power generator is silent

- All electricity is safely hidden or is at height


Smart energy & Visibility

We specialize in solar energy in locations where power is difficult to access. Who is the face behind the company and what is his vision? Read it below.

Melle Freriks

The initiator


I am the creative connector within Solar Customs. My mission is to push the boundaries of solar energy and storage with Solar Customs. I see solar lighting as a basic need for everyone on our planet.


The team of entrepreneurs I cannot live without with Solar Customs:


Tom Doms - Photographer

Kas van Vliet - Journalist

Joris Petterson - Ewaste Arcades

Pieter Sieben - Sieben Design

Pieter Lepelaars - Marketing wizard

  • Melle Freriks

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The exposure of your company, advertising message or event is in good hands with Solar Customs.