Enjoy the benefits of solar energy on your terrace with Parasolar.

30 hours of light with a full battery

Charged by the sun

Can remain in place when opening and closing the parasol


Parasol lighting powered by solar energy.

For catering entrepreneurs who only want the best for their guests. A solar panel on top of the canvas that is large enough to provide the internal battery with enough energy within a day to provide the terrace with a warm glow in the evening.


This lighting is easy to install and never needs to be removed from the parasol afterwards. In addition, you can switch any lighting on or off with a remote control.


The light intensity can be set in 3 different positions to meet the wishes of your guest at any time of the evening.

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The benefits of the sun with the convenience of advanced technology

By using high-power LEDs with a special lens that refracts the light, we can achieve the highest possible efficiency with parasolar. The flexible solar panels are of the latest generation and the integrated battery is made of lithium cells. The lamps can be controlled remotely with just 1 button.

Projects with Parasolar


Curious about what the parasolar can add to your terrace? Request a demonstration now or order directly.

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