Provide a sustainable picture of your company, where and when you want it

With internal battery

Solar panel tuned to light output

Automatic day / night switching

For companies with a sustainable vision of the future

The Solar Spotlight - Extension bar is a fantastic solution for highlighting your advertising messages, showing your target audience that you are also involved in sustainability.


The Solar Spotlight is a bright commercial spot, powered by solar energy, that you can attach to your construction sign or billboard, without connecting cables afterwards. You don't have to worry about it anymore, let the sun do its job.


Solar Spotlight

Silent, Smart, Durable, what more could you want?

Projects with Solar Spotlight


Project: Lighting Logo on the roof


Number of Spotlights: 6


Description: Plan-B has a wide range with its height and size. Especially now that the logo is proudly displayed on the roof. We were allowed to illuminate the logo. The installation is semi-permanent because the roof will be replaced soon.

Klant: Plan-B Eindhoven

Solar Spotlight Extension bar

Klant: SH Reklame


SH Reklame has been looking for a suitable solution for lighting construction signs for some time now.



Solar Customs lighting offers a suitable product and a sustainable appearance, which many companies are looking for. In Roermond, SH Reklame experienced the conveniences of the system for itself, without the need for an electrician to be involved.

Solar Spotlight Extension bar


On the Friday before Christmas 2018, the lighting in the parking lot will go out.



We mounted 4 solar spotlights on 2 existing lighting columns. Throughout the Christmas holidays, it has lit the parking lot between 4.30 pm and 9.30 pm. A milestone for Solar Customs.

Klant: Aldi Aalsterweg Eindhoven


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